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Partnership Opportunity with organizations

We are seeking to collaborate with organizations worldwide to help us identify and support young robotics enthusiasts to represent their countries in the AiTWobo Global Robotics Competition.

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What Makes Us The Ideal Choice?

Our mission at AitWobo is to actively participate in the innovations of tomorrow by empowering individuals and communities to embrace the transformative potential of robotics. We believe in fostering creativity, inspiring learning, and driving positive change through robotics education, cutting-edge tools, exciting competitions, and a vibrant community of enthusiasts.


Let us know your concern, whether it pertains to a product, service, or any aspect of our operations, so that we can address it promptly and ensure your satisfaction, fostering a relationship built on transparency, trust, and mutual understanding.

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Our Core Values


We continuously seek and embrace innovative approaches to empower individuals and communities through robotics.


We are committed to empowering individuals and communities by providing them with the tools and knowledge to harness the transformative potential of robotics.


We foster creativity by encouraging imaginative thinking and exploration within the realm of robotics.


We believe in the power of learning and strive to inspire curiosity and lifelong learning through robotics education.

Positive Change

We are dedicated to driving positive change in society through the application of robotics technology.


We value and nurture a vibrant community of robotics enthusiasts, fostering collaboration, support, and inclusivity.


We uphold high standards of excellence in everything we do, from our educational programs to our competitions and beyond.


We conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our interactions and operations.


We celebrate diversity and believe in the strength that comes from embracing different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas.