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  • Become an Instructor or Mentor at AiTWobo Haiti! 🇭🇹🤖

    Are you passionate about robotics, programming, engineering, mathematics, or science? Join AiTWobo Haiti as an instructor or mentor and help shape the future of young innovators!

    Areas of Expertise Needed:

    • Robotics
    • Programming
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Science

    Why Join Us?

    Our team of experienced…

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  • Support AitWobo Haiti Robotics Club!

    Help us shape the future of robotics in Haiti by sponsoring or donating to the AiTWobo Haiti Robotics Club. Your support will provide essential resources and opportunities for young innovators in our community.

    Why Support AiTWobo Haiti?

    Support Local Talent: Help nurture and develop the next generation…

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  • We are Hiring at AiTWobo Haiti! 🇭🇹🤖

    Unleash your potential and lead the future at AiTWobo Haiti Robotics Club! We are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join our team and drive our mission forward.

    Available Positions:

    Vice President
    Education Coordinator
    Shop Manager
    Challenge Coordinator

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  • Partner with AitWobo for Innovation in Robotics Education! 🤝🌍

    We are excited to announce our partnership opportunities for organizations worldwide. Join us in identifying and supporting young robotics enthusiasts to represent their countries in the AiTWobo Global Robotics Competition.

    Meet Our Partner Organizations:

    At AitWobo, we believe in…

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  • Join AitWobo’s 4-Year Training Program!

    We are thrilled to announce our comprehensive 4-year training program, specially designed for new members. This program progresses from foundational to advanced concepts in robotics, offering a structured and immersive learning experience.

    Yearly Schedule:

    July: Registration of new members
    August: Welcome…

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  • AitWobo is Now in the United States of America! 🇺🇸🤖

    We are excited to announce that AitWobo is about to be launched in the USA, officially registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Our mission to unite minds and shape the future through robotics is reaching the innovative and diverse communities across the United States.


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  • AitWobo is Now in Haiti! 🇭🇹🤖

    We are excited to announce that AitWobo has officially launched in Haiti! Our mission to transform lives through robotics is now reaching the vibrant and innovative communities of Haiti.

    Treating Haiti Thanks to Robotics:

    🌐 Empowering Communities: Bringing cutting-edge robotics education and opportunities to…

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  • Join the AitWobo Global Robotics Club! 🌍🤖

    AitWobo is structured as a global robotics club with ambitions to operate in multiple countries. Whether you’re a robotics enthusiast, an innovator, or a learner, there’s a place for you in our vibrant community.

    Find Your Country’s Club:

    🌐 Local Chapters: Discover AitWobo clubs in various countries and…

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  • Become a Leader at AitWobo! 🌟

    Are you ready to take your passion for robotics to the next level? AitWobo is looking for dedicated leaders to help us manage our vibrant club!

    Why Lead at AitWobo?

    🌐 Shape the Future: Play a key role in guiding our club’s direction and initiatives, ensuring we continue to inspire and innovate.

    🤝 Empower Others:

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